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I know you would make me happy
I know it would make it concrete
Now you're cryin'
How sweet a sound

(Stuck In The Sound - Let's Go)

My playlist shuffled to this song while I was playing with this picture. 

I've played Overwatch too much and haven't finish any drawings. This picture was fun to draw, my friend (a Genji main player, McHanzo shipper) sketched first, I fixed and refined here and there, added colors because I was too lazy to do the line-art. It's still very sketchy, not finish, just for fun.

Hope I get the tags right.

Ah, to make it clear: my OTP in Overwatch is Zenyatta (pure and cute, BFF, mentorship). I'm McCree main, but I change heroes depend on the opponents. I don't like Hanzo, I like his brother more. I love to draw McCree.


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