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[Talking nonsense] Long English Article is Looong

Normally, I do not write long article , I'm too lazy. However, today I will write about the Vietnamese sport shooter won the final with a score of 202.5 points in 20 shots, Hoang Xuan Vinh. I was very impressed with him (and the Brazillian shooter rival, too ) so I searched about him. The result is surprised me.

First, look at him in the final, wearing just old glasses, cheap earbuds, you can't imagine how he trained shooting: the sportshooters in Vietnam have to use paper shooting targets and because bullets areexpensive, they often have to shoot without bullets. Surprised? They practicehow to hold the gun, how to aim, then put the gun down because they don't have enough bullets. And this is how Hoang Xuan Vinh trained, just hold the gun,aim, and focus in the target, stand still, not talk nor do anything, focus andfocus, for 2 – 3 hours, just stand and focus. He even has to sculp the grip ofthe gun himself to fit his hand.

You may ask, where is the govt? This leads us to the second part.

If this Olympic he would not win gold, he would go home in silent. Win gold, or nothing. In Asiad 2010, he was ahead but lost the last shot, won a silver. In Olympic 2012, he lost for 0.1 point, lost the third place. After the match, he just sat down and cried in silent. in his country, the media considered he as a sinner for not bringing home medals or just silver. It's very bitter. Not only once, he asked "Can I shoot anymore? Should I give up? "

Searching for his records, you'll find a long list with titles and medals, etc. but the govt's helped very little. In 2015, they did not send him his gun and bullets when he was attending ISSF World Cup in Munich. He did not have enough money to buy a brandnew gun so he had to knock on each sport guns shops' doors to borrow a gun. He brought home a silver by this borrowed gun. Still, no one paid attention. Just silver.

Well, I will not answer your question about govt. Sorry about that.

This year Olympic, he trained to keep focusing in his targetwhile his friends yelled, made noise and tried to distract him. Maybe that's why he had the "aura" which made me have to draw him. The special "aura" whensomeone is concentrating on doing something, on his / her target, and what ishappening around him / her does not matter anymore.

Let's talk about the Brazillian shooter, Felipe Almeida Wu, good rival makes good match. In the final round, He shot first, very good score, and waited for Hoang Xuan Vinh, he looked very proud because he shot really really well. Then, Hoang Xuan Vinh scored 0.4 higher. Wu was surprised and cheered Hoang, like "it's amazing, man!" I can totally imagine a Brazillian voice speaks thosewords. Despite missing out on gold, but Wu was delighted with the result. Massive respect from me, both of them.

Last, why I chose to write about a small country like Vietnam? Haha, sorry Chinese friends, but those men, Hoang Xuan Vinh and Felipe Almeida Wu taught me more than Mack Horton and Sun Yang. Good rival makes good match.

Hoang Xuan Vinh started training sport shooting when he was 20 years old. He was not considered as a good shooter that time (pretty bad, actually, for he started late), but he has trained like crazy. He was not rewarded well but he kept trying because of his passion.

I still have a long way to go, many lessons to learn.


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