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I lied. They'll be eliminated.

Song for you: First Aid Kit - My Silver Lining
(the song has nothing to do with "Overwatch" but "Tales From The Borderlands" instead)

"How many times in life do we cross each other without noticing?"

Just a little doodle before going to bed to test my new brush.

Playing with this McCree the Kid picture is really fun.

I've listened to a bunch of songs from You're gonna go far kid by The Offspring to Kill Bill, Don't let me be misunderstood. 

I know you would make me happy
I know it would make it concrete
Now you're cryin'
How sweet a sound

(Stuck In The Sound - Let's Go)

My playlist shuffled to this song while I was playing with this picture. 

I've played Overwatch too much and haven't finish any drawings. This picture was fun to draw...

[Talking nonsense] Long English Article is Looong

Normally, I do not write long article , I'm too lazy. However, today I will write about the Vietnamese sport shooter won the final with a score of 202.5 points in 20 shots, Hoang Xuan Vinh. I was very impressed with him (and the Brazillian shooter rival, too ) so I searched about him. The result is...

A MingTang picture for 七夕

Bell, book and candle vs Nananana Batman. 

I have no idea how Meow Meow shota will look like so I just draw normal Pojun.

And the colored version of this Tangmen.

The R18 MingTang drawings I haven't posted on LOFTER yet.

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